Our Released Projects

Atlant Suite

Atlant (ASAM Transport Layer New Technology) easily overcomes the challenges posed by using several different test and simulation systems, each with their own unique data formats and storage structures. Despite basic similarities, no fixed data structure can be defined that is capable of recording any information originating from random systems; therefore Atlant utilizes the flexible ASAM-ODS standard. ASAM-ODS is defined as a flexible system that adapts to the individual data requirements of various systems. Using ASAM-ODS lets Atlant guarantee both simple and high performance analyses of company data.



ECC Suite

ECC (Emission Calculation Center) allows Report and Layout Generation. Pre-configured Microsoft Excel® template sheets are used to generate test cycle reports, covering all different reports for diluted and raw exhaust testing, and their variations.
There are available reports of projects and customer specific layouts.


BUM Suite

The Backup Universal Manager is a complete data management and workflow solution for storing data, replicating data between servers, archive management, and carrying out deletions. Backup Manager stores data into, or moves data between any ASAM-ODS server(s). A unique test-oriented design permits data management with user selected test-specific characteristics, this functionality is ONLY available with Backup Manager and it is not possible with conventional file or database-oriented backup systems.


Telex Soft

The communication software to manage the telex bit flow in agreement with the recommendation R.101. The bit flow is phase synchronized, decoded and separated into the telegrams. The software is free-configurable for different options of the used codes.


The communication software to manage the DCME flow of the satellite channels in agreement with the recommendation G.763. The DCME frames are processed in order to form a PCM frames. The used communication techniques are: the frame synchronization, error protection coding, ADPCM conversions and real-time processing. The software is configurable and has a analytical module for calculating the parameters of the processing.